KlaayTub 100ml + Pad + Headband combo
KlaayTub 100ml + Pad + Headband combo
KlaayTub 100ml + Pad + Headband combo
KlaayTub 100ml + Pad + Headband combo
KlaayTub 100ml + Pad + Headband combo

KlaayTub 100ml + Pad + Headband combo

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A perfect Gift set for yourself and or your loved ones. In this you will recieve our 100ml tub of Klaay By K along with our reusable pad and headband. Treat yourself with this wonderful combo and also save £££. 

All Vegetarian Cooling Face Mask helps to fight acne, even out skin tone, fade scarring naturally and much more! 

Suitable for Men, Women and children. Suitable for sensitive and problematic skin.

Directions of Use

  • 1 • Gently cleanse your face.
  • 2• Apply an even layer of the Klaay on cleansed skin. For faster results, steam face before applying
  • 3 • Allow the mask 10 minutes to dry.
  • 4 • Remove mask with cold/lukewarm water and pat dry
  • 5 •Moisturise

Use within 6 Months of Purchase 

Reusable Pad

Perfect for gently and efficiently removing our mask as well as makeup by just adding water. Our Reusable Makeup Pads can be used over and over again saving yourself masking a mess when removing our mask. The dual-sided face pads have a white microfibre side to ensure your skin is left clean, fresh, and ready for your next looks.

To clean simply add some soap and rub gently with fingers. We have been using these for a month to quality test them and they do not stain or lose softness. You can even toss them into the washing machine.

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free
  • Can replace up to 1500 single use pad 
K Headband

Say goodbye to scratchy Velcro on your forehead and say hello to the luxury headband of your dreams. Available in white with luxurious embroidery of our logo, the Microfiber Spa Headband keeps your flyaways at bay and allows you to have your skin ready for all the goodness its about to receive. Perfect for all hair lengths, this multi-tasking wonder is the perfect addition to your self-care routine – giving you the freedom to cleanse, apply make up and mask away with confidence, all while your hairline is caressed by the soft and protective microfibre material that keeps hair at bay, snag and damage-free giving you a spa like feeling.


Gurdeep Kaur 

"LOVE this mask! I even ordered it with first class delivery just to get my hands on it sooner. It arrived quickly. The packaging was really nice and a lot of product in the tub. The mask felt really cool as soon as I put it on which I needed after a long day. It was easy to take off after. My face felt refreshed and I had a glow after one use. The customer service is also great" 

Varinder Kaur

"The packaging was great. The complimentary biscuits and message was a lovely touch. The product worked exactly as it was advertised!"

Pawanjit Kaur

"I absolutely love the product you can feel the difference in your skin from first use.I would definitely buy it again."

Neha Iqbal

"Best face mask ever! Such a smooth application and really does the job! It has helped clear up my skin and leaves it feeling refreshed and glowy :) I love the thick consistency of the mask and the rosy smell!
10/10 clay mask i would highly recommend! :)"

Mr Singh

"Excellent product & service. Works like magic, cleaning and clearing the skin. Received my product quickly and on time. I LAVE IT !!!!!!"


"This mask is so great! Made with all natural products that we all used growing up but the consistency is that of a shop bought mask. It also smells incredible and doesn’t stain the face yellow. I always wake up the next day with glowing skin- highly recommend"


"I loved this face mask! Unlike other clay masks it didn’t make my skin dry or irritated after use! My skin felt so smooth after using it and I can’t wait to see more results after further use!"

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