***5ml Liquid Gold Drops

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Our Liquid Gold drops will help improve texture, complexion and also relieve skin problems such as acne and scars. The main ingredient is the potent potion of saffron which is fabled for its ability to transform your skin tone.

Additionally, many of the floral components like lotus, blue water lily, give it a boost of important plant nutrients like many herbal Ayurvedic oils. The cooling ingredient such as red sandalwood and bael make our oil suitable for tropical climates where acne, oiliness and inflamed skin is common concern due to the heat.

This oil is similar to Kumkumandi Oil in Ayurveda. “Kumkuma” means saffron which is the main ingredient used in our oil. In Ayurveda, this oil has been described as a “Miraculous Elixir” which it definitely lives up to. Our oil doesn't over complicates and only has the pure natural ingredients for the perfect night oil and also to be used after our mask.

It is perfect for nightly use and also to moisturise after using our clay mask.