Reviews and Results

“This product is great for me as my skin is very sensitive so all the natural ingredients are super gentle on the skin and great for people like me. I also loved the earthy scent that all the natural ingredients bring out and the hint of rose fragrance I can smell as I apply. It had a lovely smooth application with no mess and left my skin feeling fresh, clean and glowy!"
Neha Iqbal


" I am a huge advocate of using natural ingredients on my skin especially turmeric and honey,as they are natural and have so many benefits. I was so excited to receive my golden pot from Klaay by K because it’s a pot of true goodness for your skin.It’s easily applied, dries off fast and once you wash your skin, it’s not just left soft, but fresh and glows.And this is exactly why i would recommend Klaay by K "

Am Golhar

 “I used this @klaaybyk face mask I absolutely love it such a refreshing feeling when applied to the skin and leaves you looking glowing and feeling smooth. I washed it off with tea tree face wash and applied a thin hydrating moisturiser.”

Aman Kaur