About Us




Klaay By K is a homemade face mask that has been in my family for the longest I can remember. My grandmother passed the secrets to my mother who passed down the secret to me. Our secret is now out!

Using all the free time I had during lock down, I calculated the perfect proportions to each individual ingredient of this mask to make sure my friends, brothers and sisters that use it will be satisfied and happy with my product. After doing a lot of research into the face mask industry, I noticed that Multani Mitti (Fullers Earth) being one of the main clay ingredients in my mask, didn't have its own space in the market. You are able to purchase the mitti in a powder form but not as a mixed face mask that is ready for application. I saw this as an opportunity to bring something new to the market and hope that it can give everyone the great results that my friends and family have gotten.

I am very grateful for the skin I have. My mother has great genes but it also has a lot to do with your diet and lifestyle as well as the prevention of future breakouts and problems. As much as my mask will help reduce visible breakouts, uneven skin tone and the over production of oils, it is also going to help prevent your skin from doing all this in the future by controlling the amount of oil your skin produces. Your skin will only produce healthy amounts.

Prevention is more important than a quick fix.

I aspire to continue Klaay By K product line in the future, We shall see what direction the wind blows.

Thank you so much for showing me all the love and support starting up my small business. I hope that you enjoy and benefit from Klaay By K as much as I have and in turn bring you closer to your skin goals.